"With Small Nanguan, Lin Wen-chung has crafted another gem for his WCdance company's repertoire - a finely nuanced, yet playful melding of modern dance and traditional nanguan music. "

~ Taipei Times ‬2011.5.23‭


"With his latest work, Small Puzzles, Lin Wenchung proved he is more than ready for the big time. He has really raised the bar, not just for his own work and his company WCdance, but for other small troupes in this country. "

~ Taipei Times ‬2010.9.27‭

"...Lin's dance vocabulary crosses borders and traditions, as Western contemporary dance is infused with Eastern elements."

"...Lin proves big works can exist in small spaces."

~Ballet-Dance Magazine 2010 June


"Small Songs makes a maximal impact in a minimal space."

"Lin has made a virtue out of minimalism. He has a real flair for reducing the space and time needed to convey his ideas while giving you richly layered, finely nuanced works. His works bring to mind Persian miniatures, those small worlds that mix reality and dreams and become more complex the longer you look at them."

~Taipei Times 2009.5.25


"Small... a highly polished jewel of a work."

~ Taipei Times 2008.12.31

"Small... the choreography, the score, the set and the dancing were all highly polished. "

~ Taipei Times 2008.12.22